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The name of Petr Novotný is not only synonymous with perfect glassmaking craft and art, but for some time also a brand of high-end glass-making tools made in small series in a workshop that has found its place in the Novotny Glass Glass Center.

These are actually small works of art bearing the name and logo of Petr Novotný.

The wide range of universal, but also purely special glass pipes, scissors, tweezers, glass optical preforms, metal punches and other special tools are just a short and basic list of what the local production studio can offer.

Our own metal workshop also extends the possibilities of artistic creation in our glassworks.

We offer you these tools:

Shears, Glassblowing pipes, Tweezers, Jacks, Sofiets, Optic molds, Tagliol, Pi devider, Cork pads