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Novotny Glass Studio is a small family glassworks located in the glass town of Nový Bor, 100 km north of Prague. It is owned by world-renowned glass master Petr Novotný, who has rebuilt the former kindergarten into a complex connecting the glassworks with the restaurant Huť (formerly Restaurant Ajeto) and a modern glass museum. The studio also has a cold shop and workshops where Novotny Glass Tools is being produced. There is also a glass gallery with the sale of both, utility and art glass

The heart of the studio is a gas-fired 4-pot glass furnace. On each day, one "workshop" consisting of a pair of glassmakers - master and assistant - works every day from 7 am to 5 pm at a temperature of about 1120 ° C. Every piece of glass produced has to be cooled down, using silver boxes around the studio, the annealing furnaces. At the end of a shift (fajrum), the cooling furnaces shut down and the temperature gradually reduces during the night. If the glass wouldn’t be cooled down, it may crack of the internal stress.

In the evening and at night, the furnace is cared for by the furnace operator, who loads the pots with the raw material for the next day. We do not use a glass batch (sand, soda, potash and limestone), but we melt ready made glass pellets that meet the standards for marking our glass as crystal glass or we recycle our cullet. The melting temperature rises almost up to 1400 ° C.

The most recent productions are mostly replicas of historical glass intended for the American market, but we often produce chandelier parts or various utility glass in smaller series too.